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Drywall Pole Sander

This is truly a Super Sander


                           Express Sander


                          Anti-Flip Pole Sander  

                   with 4 foot Aluminum handle , Powder Coated


               One of the best Sanders on the Market 


     This Sander is preferred by professional Tapers and Painters 

                   1. Anti-flip    

This Sander is especially designed to prevent the Sander  from flipping over  and damage your Walls and Ceilings


             2. Just  press and release

Quick change of Sandpaper  with Spring loaded Clamps 

2 heavy duty  Springs on each end to prevent the Sandpaper from shifting around 


           3. Works better in tight corners 

Increased angle range for  tight corners, in Closets  etc.


    Replacement self adhesive pads are available 

        also custom sizes are available


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Drywall Pole Sander